The place where Kenshin Uesugi himself is said to have come to get refreshed.

Suzaka Hot Spring with an impressive output of 157L per minute.
The simple hot spring has a low alkalinity and is popular as waters for beautiful skin or waters for beauty. Since it is hardly abrasive, there is no cause for concern for small children and the elderly.

Gogaku no Yu
(Outdoor Bath)

Buds blooming in spring, the night sky of summer, the sunset in the fall, and winter’s blanket of snow.

Kannon no Yu
(Indoor Bath)

The warmth of the wood provides a pleasant atmosphere in which your tiredness melts away.

Otowa no Yu
(Outdoor Bath)

This open-air stone bath exudes Japanese style.

Otowa no Yu
(Indoor Bath)

A spacious bath that is filled to the brim.
Thoroughly refresh yourself with a pleasant sweat in the mist sauna.

Day-trip bathing 6:00a.m.–10:00p.m

  • ・Adults (Junior High School Students and older) ¥500
  • ・Children (Elementary School Students and older) ¥300
  • ・Babies Free

※ Special multi-ticket packs(12tickets for ¥5,000)are also available.

Private Bath ※Reservation required

A private bath for families, couples, and spouses.
A hot spring you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Prices1group 1hour ¥1,000
※ Day-trip bathers must purchase an additional ticket.
※ Can only be used Sat, Sun & holidays.
※ Be sure to reserve in advance.

Effects & Benefits

Spring Source NameSuzaka Hot Spring
Water QualitySimple weak alkaline
Output157L/min(natural flow)
Parking LotAvailable 70 vehicles and 6 full-size buses FREE
Hydrogen ion concentrationPH8.23
Spring fountain25.5℃
Good forChronic rheumatoid arthritis, chronic muscular rheumatism, mental fatigue, healing of external injuries, burns, heat rash, fatigue, and more
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